Customer Feedback

mobile cycle service melbourne

Below are a small selection of reviews from some of Mikes Clients.

Hi Mike, you made the Giant Sing! Thank you so much. I can’t believe how well you made it ride without replacing anything. Thank you very much again, much appreciated.


Mike… wow  the bike looks fantastic…had my first ride this morning, it felt different ( in a good way ), extremely happy with it… Friend Brian loved it and the other boys were very impressed.. my 2 boys at home, thought it looked incredible.. (Custom bike build).


Hi Mike. I’ve been bragging about you and your work like a gushing fool!!  Don’t know what you did to my bike but it feels better than ever before, better than when new!! Feels really tight.

Definately no more excuses!


MMCS fixed a loose headset problem that my local retailer failed to. It was a nice change to have someone turn up at the time they specified also. Very impressed.


After MMCS serviced my ladies hybrid it felt like a new bike. The convenience of me not having to cart it and my kids bikes to a shop is fantastic as its a pain to get them in to my car.


I have tried to service my own bikes over the years but after giving MMCS a go realized I should leave it to the experts! Great concept and as easy to organize as an email.


Mike fixed a gear changing problem that I have had tons of issues with and he did the service in the undercover car park at my work. Will definately be calling him again in the future!